Call for Abstracts

Amref International University 1st Primary Healthcare Congress
Date: 29th Nov – 1st Dec 2023
Venue: Amref International University Main Campus, Langata Road, Nairobi

Theme: Aligning practice to evidence in strengthening PHC for lasting health change in Africa​

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts should focus on scientific evidence generated from either research or project/ programme evaluations. The abstract text should not exceed 300 words, in either of the two formats described below.  Please choose the track which best describes the subject of your abstract.  The submitting author will receive an email message confirming receipt of the abstract. All abstracts must be submitted in English language. Abstracts will be accepted for either oral or poster presentations.

Abstracts structure

The Conference will accept abstracts in two formats: Scientific and Best Practices (programme/ project).

  1. Scientific format

Track: Choose the sub- theme and track which best suits your abstract

Title: Use a title that will speak to the audience regardless of technical expertise.

Background: Should describe the problem/knowledge gap being addressed as well as the objectives/study questions. Further, it should provide the significance of the study.

Methods: Describe the setting/location for the study, study design, study population, sampling, data collection and methods of analysis used.

Results: Clearly present the most compelling findings/outcomes of the study, with specific results in summarized form.

Conclusions and Recommendations: Should summarize the key take away from the study and recommended applications of the findings.

  1. Best Practices (Project/Programme) format

Indicate the sub-theme and Track which best suits your abstract

Title: Use a title that will speak to the audience regardless of technical expertise.

Background: Should describe the intervention and what it aimed to achieve

Implementation: Key activities in the project, beneficiaries, stakeholders

Outcomes: Achievements of the intervention, lessons learnt

Conclusions and recommendations: Summary of take away and recommendations for scale up

Important dates

1Opening of call for abstracts June 2, 2023
2Late Abstracts submission deadline

September 30, 2023

23.59 hours EAT

3Full paper submission deadlineOctober 31st, 2023
4Notification of acceptanceOn an on-going basis

Abstracts blinding and review

All submitted abstracts will go through a blind peer-review process carried out by an independent reviewing committee. The reviewing committee will post reviewer’s comments to the corresponding authors through emails

Abstracts publication

All abstracts accepted for the conference will be published in the Amref Journal of Primary Health Care. Corresponding authors will be requested for consent before publication of the abstracts.

Please contact the abstracts support team at in case you have questions regarding abstracts submission. For more about the AMIU PHC conference, visit

Congress Theme

Aligning practice to evidence in strengthening PHC for lasting health change in Africa

Sub-themes and Tracks

This sub-theme focuses on evidence-based approaches and models that improve access to PHC services. The elements of this sub-theme include evidence based:

1.1 Community Participation and Engagement of community health workforce

1.2 Models for Universal Health Coverage

1.3 Quality Service Delivery

1.4 Digital information for PHC

Social Determinants of Health (SDH) are crucial in addressing the increasing burden of disease. This sub-theme focuses on evidence-based interventions that focus on modifying social determinants of health thereby improving uptake of PHC. The subtheme focuses on the following.

2.1 Resilience: dimensions of resilience and its impact on health outcomes within the context of social determinants

2.2 Livelihoods: Interplay between livelihoods and health, exploring factors such as employment opportunities, income inequality, social support, and access to essential resources influence health outcomes and contribute to health disparities

2.3 Education: innovative strategies and interventions that leverage education as a tool for promoting health equity and improving population health

This sub-theme focuses on facility-based services at PHC level. It interrogates the best evidence for improving services in the following areas:

3.1 Adolescents & sexual reproductive health

3.2 Maternal, child health & Nutrition              

3.3 Mental Health & gender-based violence

3.4 Non-communicable diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, cancers, etc.

3.5 Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Neglected tropical diseases and Communicable diseases

This sub-theme explores evidence in areas that have emerged and that affect PHC after the Alma-Ata Declaration. It focuses on evidence on the following areas:

4.1 Improving PHC in the face of climate change; maintaining health system resilience

4.2 Zoonoses and evidence on the one Health approach

4.3 Use of technology to improve communities’ access to Primary healthcare.

4.4 New evidence on management of infectious diseases including environmental drivers of antimicrobial resistance

This sub-them will allow participants to share evidence for improving PHC on the following areas:

5.1 Role of citizens’ voices in improving access to PHC services

5.2 Effective health leadership and governance approaches and Practices 

5.3 Financing and entrepreneurship models, including public-private partnerships and cost-effective healthcare financing for PHC            


  • Early Bird KES 15,000
  • Students: KES 5,000
  • International delegates early bird USD 150
  • International students USD 50

PHC Scientific/Best Practice Abstract Training