Prof Matilu Mwau

Senior Principal Clinical Research Scientist, KEMRI

Matilu Mwau is a Professor of Infectious Diseases and Senior Principal Clinical Research Scientist at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). His training includes Medicine and Surgery (University of Nairobi), Tropical Medicine (Nagasaki University), and Clinical Medicine (Immunology, Oxford University). 

His interests include infectious diseases, immunology, virology, health systems, clinical trials, bioinformatics, and biotechnology. More than 85 publications in peer-reviewed journals have arisen from his work. He has mentored many graduate students in virology research and they have gone on to be independent, world-renowned researchers in the field of HIV, hepatitis, and arthropod-borne virus. Over the years he has supervised 10 PhD students, and more than 35 postgraduates to completion of their Master’s degree theses. 

In the corporate sector, he is a member of various boards of management for schools and companies.  Outside of science and corporate governance, he plays an active role in the renewable energy, hospitality and agriculture sectors.

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