Prof Trudie Lang

Founder of The Global Health Network

Trudie is the founder of The Global Health Network which is a unique, vast and successful globally-led franchise community comprised of health researchers and health research organisations. This valued and trusted facility transfers knowledge, convenes and connects technical excellence between disease areas and across regions, organisations and types of research. It works within healthcare settings in person and through a highly functional digital platform. Health workers and researchers find tools, methods, support, resources, gain new skills in their workplace, form collaborations and share their know-how.  Organisations engage with researchers, disseminate, raise quality, enable standards and share information. The impact is generation of faster and better evidence that is taken up into practice, and the delivery of ongoing lasting competencies and systems within healthcare settings.

Trudie’s career has focused on combatting diseases of poverty through enabling locally-led generation of high-quality evidence embedded within research capability strengthening efforts. She has worked in Industry, Academia and UN organisations, across varied diseases and types of research and methods. Her interest is to enable research that can drive better health outcomes in vulnerable communities by strengthening local leadership and ground-up implementation of sustainable and high-quality health research programmes. The Global Health Network is a WHO collaborating centre and a highly regarded international collaborative enterprise that is tackling global imbalances of where research happens, who leads and who benefits from the evidence.

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